Posting Watchmen

We Workplace or Marketplace Ministers need to know what is going to happen afar off.

God promises us spiritual sight to achieve success and influence in the sphere of operation He has given us.

It is hard to be successful if we do not have the inside information of revelation. It requires revelation to be able to be co-operative and to be obedient and partner together with God in the vision He has given.

Jesus said I no longer call you servants but I call you friends, because I tell you the things My Father has told Me. So God is not just giving us commands, it is much more relational than that. Jesus wants His Workplace or Marketplace Ministers to know what is happening afar off, then to recognise it while it is still afar off, so they have an opportunity to respond, adjust, prepare or build accordingly.

There are always seasons of urgency and windows of opportunity, financially and positionally, and we need to be a prophetic people able to discern the time and seasons of God for breakthrough not just for our own vision but also to sharpen and challenge others round about for the revelation is not just for private secret truth.

Dutch Sheets writes in his book Watchmen, that the Holy Spirit revealed “I am about to release fresh anointing to the church that will enable My people to take individuals, cities, regions and nations for Me. New strategies will emerge, fresh concepts of discerning Satan’s strongholds will be released (ie spying) and sieges will be put in place that will eventually break Satan’s hold over people and places.

It will be a broad work, with strategies coming from many different sources. I will give one part of the plan to one person, another to others. This will take part simultaneously, and often one ministry or person won’t even realise they are part of a larger scheme. But I will cut off Satan’s strength from every direction, as through the Watchman anointing My people discern me.”

It’s time that Workplace/ Marketplace Watchmen were posted throughout our cities, night and day. There needs to be a changing of the guard so that every watch can be covered with fresh Marketplace Watchmen.

If you feel that God is calling you to be a Workplace or Marketplace Watchman and would like to be “posted” on the walls of the city, then please make contact with us. You may be an experienced watchman but hear God calling you to move into the Workplace/Marketplace for what he is doing at this time. If so, then please also make contact for there are many new watchmen to be trained up.