Starting a Workplace Church

We believe God releases vision from the 3rd Heaven. All divinely motivated and energised vision, plans and purposes are released by God to His Church through His Workplace/Marketplace Ministers and Pulpit Ministers.

If you are a leader in the marketplace pursuing a God given vision then you are the Church in the Workplace/Marketplace. Where you are… is your field. Your organisation is an expression of the Church. We call these marketplace organisations….. Workplace Churches.

Accepting the vision and being obedient to it makes you a Workplace/ Marketplace Apostle. Apostle means a special messenger, a delegate, one commissioned for a particular task or role, one sent forth with a message.

God chose you because He has a sphere or field in the city for you to go into, to subdue it, to clear it, to habitate, to cultivate, to reap the spoils of that sphere or field, and to replenish it with His Spirit. There is a harvest of souls in your field ripe and ready for you to harvest.

Your Workplace Church is open five or six days a week, employees attend for an average of 50 hours a week, they are paid to be there, they interact with suppliers, customers, bankers, advisors, shareholders and all other stakeholders. This is a field indeed ready for the most natural harvest.

Workplace Churches are Joshua type Organisations. They go out into their promised land, take it, subdue it, habitate it, and cultivate it and take the spoils of war. However these Joshua Organisations need to have a temple heart:

A temple heart of Worship

A temple heart of Prayer

A temple heart where those who come to a saving faith in Jesus can learn to meet with Him, learn how to grow in Him and learn of how God’s vision for the organisation is out worked.

Workplace Churches have fivefold workplace/ marketplace ministers helping to achieve the vision.

The Lord has said: don’t think Personnel Director, think Pastor. Don’t think training programmes, think discipleship programmes.